June 27, 2010


I have lavender on my front walkway and as I was clipping it the other day I couldn't resist taking a picture. It was beautiful, smelled so sweet, and provided a much needed quiet moment. It is good to enjoy the beauty of God's world.

June 4, 2010


How beautiful is this?

Onion Fact

Did you know that you can replant scallions and they will grow back. All you have to do is chop off the white ends after you dig them up and then replant them in the ground. Within days you will have a new scallion growing. I thought that was pretty cool.

My Garden

So I am learning more every year about gardening and how to grow herbs and veggies. It has been so much fun and I LOVE watching a seed turn into something edible and beautiful. This year I've got so much growing and I have already harvested radishes... they are delicious too. Just thought I'd share my fun hobby.

The blue things you see in the garden are called water walls and they help insulate warm weather plants and help them to grow faster and endure colder nights. It's about time for me to take them off, but boy do they work! I have two tomato plants that were threatening to die, I put the water walls on, and literally the NEXT day they were coming back to life and sprouting new branches. Pretty cool!