March 17, 2011

Sgraffito Pots

I learned a new technique in my pottery class called "Sgraffito."  After you throw your pot and let it dry, you paint a colored slip on and then "carve" it away.  I had SO much fun creating with this and the finished pieces turned out great!

Candlestick Holders

March 8, 2011

Chai Tea

So, I have recently begun a journey of radically changing how and what I eat.  I have been put on a gluten, wheat, yeast, sugar, corn, and dairy free diet to help with headaches and stomach problems that I've had for sometime now.  It has been helping, but has been brutal to give up foods that I LOVE to eat.

What it has surfaced is a deep passion to make recipes that taste good AND that I can eat!  Here is a chai tea recipe that I changed up so that I can have it!  It tastes awesome too!

Servings:  5-6

1 Stick Cinnamon
8 Green Cardamom pods - bruised (if seeds fall out - be sure to use them)
4 Whole Cloves
5 Tea Bags (Orange Pekoe or Darjeeling)
2-3 T. Agave Nectar, dark amber is best for this

Place all ingredients in large saucepan.  Pour 4 1/2 C boiling water in and
let steep for 3 minutes.  Strain into cups and serve with 1/3 C scalded unsweetened almond milk.