March 25, 2012

His Open Hand

I want to give thanks.  And then I wake up and life is full steam ahead.  I don't stop until I collapse at the end of the day.  Did I even pause once?

I can't say that I always do.  I wish I did.  When I have the clarity of mind to choose stillness, if even for a moment, I do see Jesus.  I see His beautiful hand of blessing held out toward me.

Will I take what He offers?  Life, fullness, joy.  Absolutely.

I don't always pause.  But this particular morning I did.

Sitting at my kitchen table... reading my Bible, drinking tea in a cup that I made, watching the early morning sun pour in through the windows making everything glow, and it was a moment that brought genuine peace to my otherwise insane day.

Thank you Jesus for your open hand.

344.  Early morning sunlight that makes things glow.