April 11, 2014


I am reading a book called a "Tree Full Of Angels" and it has been a refreshing reminder for me to keep my eyes open.  And so I stand at my kitchen window and look at these little basil seedlings growing.  In my gaze I see new life.  In my days it causes me to pause and to smile.  In my gaze it causes me to pray.

"So how do I pray? I listen. I talk. I weep. I am silent. I embrace the beloved. I gaze with reverence. I wonder and adore.  I share my needs. I have tea with God. I give gifts. I received gifts. I give thanks and I say I'm sorry. I scream. I get angry. I show God all my life, including my very divided heart. I relax. I'm at home. Sometimes I read a poem.  Sometimes I tell a story. Sometimes I dance. God loves stories and poems and dances. Sometimes I get a bit dramatic with God. What do I say to God?" (Excerpt from book)

Thanks God for these little basil leaves. They remind me of you.

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